The Bruce McLaren Movie
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Bruce in Cooper 1960

Welcome to the official Bruce McLaren movie website

Bruce Raise CupHere you will find answers to your questions and all the details about this exciting project as we bring one of the truly great stories in motor racing history to the big screen.

For the story of Bruce McLaren goes far beyond that of a need for speed. It’s the story of a young boy who overcame a crippling disability to take on the motorsporting world and create a legacy that exists to this day.

Set against the backdrop of a motor racing era when glamour was the order of the day and the stakes for drivers were perilously high. This is the story of an innovator with a passion for excellence that would see him become a star in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australasia.

With world class talent on the team and the support of Bruce McLaren’s family and associates this film promises to be a dramatic and thrilling ride.


Bruce Drawing 2